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19 Jun

“There is but one way to prevent the destruction of NYC, your complete surrender”. After witnessing San Francisco go down in flames you might consider putting your hands up and giving up; or you might pick up a billion dollar Iron-manish  suit and wage war to save the world. Its time to dive into this months backlog with Vanquish!

Vanquish is developed by Platinum games and is an insane third-person shooter. Vanquish began development in 2007 and was released in October 2010. Published by Sega and Directed by legendary game maker Shinji Mikami, Vanquish sets itself apart from an Uncharted or Gears of war type third person shooter by combining fast fluid movement and precision aiming mechanics.

Black Stallion

Black Stallion

This game can be found for around 20 bucks at your local game store and is definitely worth a look. I played this on my Playstation 3.

Visuals: Vanquish takes place in outer-space in the near future on a space station orbiting the earth. Vanquish has lots of bright lights and colors splashes your screen as you walk, run, and slide your way through the many corridors and open terraces. The games character models look incredibly similar to Bayonetta, so much so that I found myself looking for Easter eggs or little hints to the developers other game. I think I have cracked the code for how the Japanese portray Americans in games; If you are loud and brash, you are a 7 foot tall 300 pound soldier with scars and a trunk full regrets. If you are the main hero you are in peak physical form with some form of oral addiction; smoking or sucking on something. If you play the part of the side kick you are slender and consistently terrified of the most mundane task “watch out for that tree”! Its not a perfect formula but it works.  I loved the character variation and level differences; no two places looked too similar and while you did have your repetitive grunts I never grew weary of them.

Story: You play as Sam Gideon who is a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency researcher with an Augmented Reaction Suit that is sent into space to stop the villains known as the Order of the Russian Star. The President believes that Sam is the only one capable of taking on this classified mission to help save an “important” scientist who is on the rouge space station. Along the way Sam meets some new allies and kills some baddies. While I do consider the story just fluff to make you want to continue playing the game I did enjoy the banter between Gideon and other characters both good and bad on the screen.

Stop Drop and Roll

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Gameplay: I’ve never taken drugs besides the occasional allergy medicine but I would have to consider Vanquish a cocktail of Ecstasy and Speed all at once. Fast twitch game-play and a slow down mechanic made playing this game an addictive experience. I played on an easier setting simply to enjoy the gun play. Gideon is able to quickly weave around enemies and fire an assortment of weapons that made every shot feel exciting and different. I had so much fun trying to dodge bullets and shoot people in the slow down time frame that I found myself restarting levels to try and perfect that one sequence. On the other side of the coin I will say the melee and upgrading mechanics felt completely archaic. You could upgrade your guns to be stronger but visually there was no change that made it feel like I made a good choice in upgrading a weapon. The Melee was also incredibly strange and incomplete. You can only punch something or someone once or twice before your suit over heats and Gideon becomes useless for 10 or 15 seconds. I don’t understand why this was needed in the game but I think it would have been a nice benefit to be able to upgrade the suits melee abilities. I will end on a positive note and say that the ground sliding with jets on your legs mechanic was a ton of fun! This is another area where upgrading would have been nice, but being able to slide from one part of the level to the next while shooting bad guys became incredibly addictive.

Can we still be friends?

Can we still be friends?

Test of Time: If you have the money I would pick this up on a long weekend and beat it in one or two sittings. It’s a short game especially on the easier difficulties but talk about a fun ride. The best way to describe Vanquish is like describing a new roller coaster at an amusement park; You wait in line for hours to get on a two minute ride. People may ask is it worth it and the only answer is “you need to try it for yourself”

BROS system

Cy: Rent:  I am going to have to resonate with my Bayonetta review but unless you love games and want to own them all and replay them time and time again you could probably gamefly this game for a couple bucks and return it in one weekend. Its cheap now so it may be worth adding to your collection, my only advice is don’t play something slow paced like Gears of War after the adrenaline rush that is Vanquish, you will regret the hangover.