Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

5 Aug

“It is said that there is but one thing certain in this world…All that lives must die” Welcome to the Faelands your entry fee is your life. Its time to put another dent in the backlog; time to pop in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning! This game has been sitting on the shelf for a couple months now and was just ripe for the picking, I am happy to say the wait was definitely worth it! Developed by the now Defunct 38 Studios and Big Huge Games; Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a mash up of classic RPG elements with a hack-n-slash brawler element. Released on February 7th in the US, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning brought with it an immense amount of talent; such as the likes of Todd Mcfarlane, R.A Salvatore, and Ian Frazier; all of whom are extremely talented artists in their respected fields. KOA: R does a great job bringing multiple genres together but fails to capitalize on the success of any of them.

Weapon of choice

Weapon of choice

This was played on a PC using the EA Origin Client. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning can be found online for a couple bucks here and there but is still 20-40 dollars at retail. (Who gets the money now that the Studio is gone?)

Visuals: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning takes place in a fantasy world full of lush green environments, and dark caves with vivacious neon fungus. The characters are diverse enough (more on that in a minute) and each area has a distinct feel to it. While Graphically the game cannot stack to a God of War or Uncharted it does an amazing job “painting” this fictitious world and really helps you get immersed in the fantasy. While there are several races in the game most of the bad guys look like carbon copies. After fighting bandits and dark Faes I found myself getting bored with the same five or six enemy types dungeon after dungeon. That said the battles with these repetitious enemies were always enjoyable as spells and attacks lit the screen up with colorful lights and visually stunning animations.

Story: The Story starts out grand, you are a soldier on the field who is killed and you come back to life thanks to the works of a machine called the “Well of Souls” You are then dubbed the “Fateless One” and are deemed with the mission to rid the world of Tuatha; the main enemies of the game. After the first couple missions however the story takes a back seat and then falls off a cliff. So many missions are simply fetch this and find that, that you simply forget about the story and become a messenger or delivery man for the non playable characters of the game. The game does constantly remind you that you are there for a reason though you won’t feel compelled to boot up the game to dig deeper into the Main story. The side quests while slow and repetitive do offer some great mini stories I would highly suggest purchasing the DLC as it adds some neat lore to the mythos.

and on the 7th day

and on the 7th day

Gameplay: This is where the game cranks the dial to 100. Your character has the ability to be a Mage, Warrior, Rouge, or a mix of all three. The game employs a tree mechanic to help with its RPGish elements. The difference in KOA: R is that if you get bored playing one way you can completely reset the tree and change up your play style. While the game doesn’t branch too far off the norm KOA: R’s leveling up system is quite refreshing. If you want to take on the first half of the game as a raging Tank and finish it as a nimble Assassin go for it. Maybe you want to play as a Mage and realize having a sword in your hand is more rewarding than a glowing staff, restart the tree. The possibilities are endless in this world. Movements are fluid and combat is a fun mix of action and flair. The best way to picture the mechanics of the game is to fuse Fable and an MMO like Guild Wars 2 together. While never as fast as a God of War or Slow as an MMO, KOA: R  strikes an amazing balance between fun combat and deep battle systems.

I think were going to need a bigger stick!

I think were going to need a bigger stick!

Test of Time: While the game is not very old it does show some signs of age already. Even with my graphics engine set to high some of the characters looked washed out and there was a bit of screen tearing from time to time. I am sure with the next generation of consoles the character models will look more than a little dated.  I don’t see the combat getting dated anytime soon as every battle was fun and challenging. While certainly not a Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy Seven, I do think this will be a fun game to pick up anytime within the next 2-3 years.

BROS System

Buy: I had so much fun with the combat in this game and even though the story isn’t in the forefront, the side quests and back stories should certainly entertain you for several hours. If my backlog weren’t so full I would absolutely try and 100% the game but in the mean time I hope you will do it for me and post comments below telling us all about your experience.


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