Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

9 Apr

Let me start off by saying Hi! Sorry I have been away for so long but some recent changes in my life created a creative block. 2013 seems to be shaping up and with it I thought; why not bring back the LTAP; better late than never I suppose. I wish I was coming back on a positive note, alas the game I most recently played is one literally, for the dogs.

Released on August 17th 2010 and developed by IO interactive the studio behind the hitman games KAL2 seemed to be a game built for me; a short 3rd person shooter with a grand story and short play clock. I purchased this game in late 2010 and played it for the first time last week on my PC.

Waddaya Playin

Waddaya Playin

This game was played on a desktop and was purchased via steam for 4.99. You can find the game in the bargain bin at most Electronic stores.

Two guys just going out for a bite

Two guys just going out for a bite

VISUALS: Weird, weird, weird. So the game is played in the 3rd person and it appears that a camera man is following you throughout the roads of Shanghai; yet when a chapter is over the Camera man mysteriously disappears. This can be a bit jarring and caused me to have a couple “WTF” moments. Another issue I had with this 1980’s camera approach was intense screen tearing; intentional screen tearing, like when a finger print would get on the film of a cassette.  While I see what they were going for, the bands across the screen were nothing more than a cheap trick that scared me for a second as I thought my monitor was broken. The graphics were subpar with characters looking fairly similar and all the locations being some variation of wet and grey.

STORY: You are playing as Kane and Lynch two buddies who happen to be guns for hire. The story starts with them meeting in Shanghai and one small mishap spirals into a four hour bullet slog. There are ups and downs in pace but the story does nothing except break up the gun fights. While this game does add a sense of tension and a chapter that was incredibly gruesome  I feel the friendship mentality could have been tapped into a little more especially at the end a la Army of two. The end of this game was an absolute mess by the way (No Spoilers) but my word did it just fade to black.

GAMEPLAY: This is where the game truly fell apart for me. For a 3rd person shooter that is supposed to be a duck and cover game the cover mechanic was abysmal. Sometimes my character would not even stick to a wall or he would read the wrong wall and run across the level. The other aspect of the game the “shooter” aspect was just as appalling. Machine guns were worthless in this game as it almost appeared that my bullets were flying backwards, Head shots did not count unless you were using a sniper, and Shotguns have the range of Rocket Launchers. I could excuse one of the mechanics but not both. As stated above the Camera is also a huge issue here as it gives you this faux 2nd person view for a 3rd person shooter. There were times where I simply could not see anyone but I was getting ripped to shreds.

The Dog Days are over

The Dog Days are over

TEST OF TIME: NOPE! This game should not be played end of story. It was less than 4 hours long and it was poorly executed on all levels.

BROS: SKIP! Do not walk, RUN!

This game can be found for a couple bucks on Steam and Amazon but again; No means No. Support the Developer and buy another game from them just not this one!


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