Red Steel 2

31 Jan

With many games for the WiiU being ports I just don’t feel right posting a WiiU article just yet. That said I am a huge Nintendo fan and I love my 3ds and Wii. I guess its time to brush up my sword skills and dust off the revolver…I’m headed into the Wild West. Red Steel 2 the spiritual successor to the so-so Wii launch game Red Steel; developed by Ubisoft Paris and Published by Ubisoft exclusively for the Wii; Red Steel 2 does everything a sequel to a crummy game should do… make you forget the first one ever existed. Red Steel 2 is an exclusive for the Wii and it was released stateside on March 23rd 2010. I hadn’t touched my wii in a while (pun intended) but I was ready to fire up the machine and plug in my Wii Motion Plus accessory for a donnybrook in the wild west.

Red Steel 2

Red Steel 2

This game was played on a Wii and can be found new for 20 USD pretty much anywhere wii games are still being sold.

Dust it off

Dust it off

Visuals: Cel-Shading is quite a departure for this series as the previous title was in “realistic” 3-d. The style harking back to previous Ubisoft Paris titles such as XIII really fits well in this East meets West hack n slash shooter for the Wii. The characters were very colorful and the weapons all had a specific flair that truly popped thanks to the graphics. While the boss fights were incredible and the open area scenes looked like water paintings I do have to knock against the towns themselves. Different shades of brown fill a majority of the game and the fodder for your blade and revolvers all look the same. I think with the cel-shading they could have at least swapped the color palates on a few enemies.

Story: You play as the Hero and unnamed member of the Kusagari clan. You are the last of your kind after the opening events of the game and you become referred to as the Swordsman. You could probably guess the name has to do with the weapon he carries but more on that later. This games crux is that it is a revenge story and your entire mission is focused on avenging your clan; the story doesn’t really add to the ambiance and I found myself at a loss as to why this character cared so much for his clan after they…(no spoilers here) The story could have used more juxtaposition or cliches pick your poison.

Gameplay: This game is all motion control there is no gamepad option. Red Steel 2 does use the Motion Plus accessory so there is a greater level of control for the gun and sword action. As with any new technology however there is a bit of jarring from the camera if you twist your hand the wrong way or you get lazy and turn the other way on the sofa. When the combat and controls work the game is amazing you can block all sorts of attacks and shoot enemies square in the head from across the map. When the controls are off however; be ready for the Swordsman to spin around until you want to vomit, or you cannot pull off a combo or attack and end up retrying a level several times. Advice here keep calm and carry on!

The Hero in us

The Hero in us

Test of Time: Before testing the game out for this post I played the game in 2011. A year and some months later I still had fun swiping the Wii remote as if it were a 1000 year old Katana. With a lack of truly unique games coming to the WiiU anytime soon I would have to say this is a great 20 dollar purchase. The levels may get repetitive but the visuals will and swordplay will make this a game you’ll want to add to your collection.


BROS System:

Cy: What else are you playing at this point on the Wiiu or the Wii for that matter? Its a shortish game and for 20 bucks it’s a great show off game for your friends and family!


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