17 Jan

I’m going in for the kill, I’m doing it for the thrill. Enter Bayonetta a game full of jaw dropping moments and extreme guilty pleasures. Developed by Platinum Games and published by SEGA, Bayonetta is truly a one of a kind experience. Hideki Kamiya the games Director brings his distinct flair and action from his critically acclaimed Devil May Cry game for the PS2 and adds a bit more spice to this current gen action game. Bayonetta Launched in the US on January 5th 2010 for both Xbox and PS3. As I have said many times in the past Story is an integral part of my enjoyment of any game. While I don’t have a preference playing as a male or female protagonist I have struggled to relate to characters such as Nariko, or Lara Croft. I enjoyed playing as Bayonetta and the mystery that loomed over her was something I was excited to learn more about every time I popped in the disc.

What a Witch

What a Witch

This game was played on a PS3 at first but due to long load times I was forced to switch to the Xbox version. This article/review will apply to both but I would suggest playing the Xbox Version. The game is 20 USD at Gamestop and Amazon at the time of this article.

Xbox > PS3 for this one

Xbox > PS3 for this one

Visuals: Bayonetta is distinct; while it will not knock your socks off it is a game that is visually pleasing. Bayonetta is an attractive female that likes to bare her all from time to time and give the demons and angels a show while kicking them back to their respective homes. The enemies vary enough that you never get bored with them and you know just by the look of the enemies that each fight will be distinct. The locations are a big draw in the game; on moment you are fighting Angels in the streets and the next you are jumping from missile to missile in the atmosphere fighting another Witch. The game is colorful and the bosses memorable, I didn’t want to take my eyes off the screen while I was playing.

Story: You play as Bayonetta a Witch who has amnesia, ironically she still remembers how to kick ass and take names. As the game progresses you learn about the Umbra Witches and why spirits from all realms are after Bayonetta. What really drew me in was the little girl Bayonetta starts to protect early in the game. Her hard exterior shell is protecting what appears to be a soft and caring inside. Duality plays a huge role in Bayonetta, Good vs Evil, Heaven vs Hell, even the levels have a strange Paradise vs Inferno feel to them. While that may appear deep, I must emphasize this game is very Japanese. Over the top characters and dialogue and  some cheesy moments that just don’t work as well as the writers/translators would have hoped. If you watch any Anime such as DragonBall, One piece, or InuYasha you are accustomed to the banter and awkward moments. The mystery will sink its hooks into you early and while it may seem convoluted at times, the pay off at the end is worth it.

Gameplay: Fast and Furious; similar to Devil May Cry or in a loose sense God of War you walk into an area you get locked in and you fit to the death. Bayonetta has guns on her feet and a hairy dragon figure that aids her along with an assortment of other mystical weapons! Combos are key  if you want to succeed. Being able to chain together combos can offer you the ability to slow down time or have flashy finishers (well worth the price of admission) Similar to other Japanese games you are graded for every battle with a final score at the end. The better the score the bigger the reward the faster you can buy weapons and move upgrades. The game does move quite fast and is fairly responsive; I do have to knock against the camera though as it may lock on to you from time to time and you will be battling behind a wall with no way to see what is happening.  There were times when I would throw my controller in a fit of rage because I could not remember button combos or I felt there was a bit of lag (your Mileage may vary)

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

Test of Time: I played the game for the first time on PS3 in 2012 and then on the Xbox later on. Playing a few levels again these past few days have reminded what fun it is to play such an over the top game. The controls are fine for this game and the visuals still are fun and psychedelic. If you own the WiiU and either an Xbox or PS3 I would suggest playing it as the sequel is a WiiU exclusive.

BROS system

Cy: Rent; unless you are an avid collector of games or you see yourself playing the game 3 or 4 times its hard to suggest buying the game as it clocked just under 8 hours for me. Still 20 dollars isn’t too much to spend for a good game with an upcoming sequel!


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