Prince of Persia

10 Jan

I swear Nolan North does not have anything to do with this blog! This will be our third Nolan North game featured on Ltapgamer and probably one of my favorites. Prince of Persia which was first introduced in 1989 has seen several iterations over the years; from a ground breaking 2D side-scroller to a redefining 3D action game Prince of Persia has seen its share of changes in its 23 years on the market. Today we are going to cover the Xbox 360, PS3 game from 2008. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released in the US on December 2, 2008 Prince of Persia takes the action adventure hero into a cel-shaded romp into the desert.

Not sponsored by Nolan North

Not sponsored by Nolan North

This game was played on the Xbox 360 and can be found at GameStop for 5 dollars or less!

Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Choice

Visuals: Prince of Persia (POP) takes the game series from its 3D world and adds Cel-Shading to give the game a water color vibe. This game oozes with color and adds a certain art vibe that will capture you from the first sandstorm til the final boss fight. There is quite a variety in color here and the world becomes more beautiful when you clear the baddies from the area. Cel-shading doesn’t always work for games as it takes some “realism” away from animations or visual effects; I feel as if the world of POP was meant for this art style as the characters though new seem like friends you grew up with as a child. Whenever I booted the game up I felt nostalgic as if I was opening up my favorite children’s book on a rainy day.

Story: You play as the Prince of Persia who seems to have drifted in the wrong direction in the midst of a sandstorm. You literally fall into the lap of a damsel in distress and your adventure begins. Elika is the female non playable character that follows you along in this mysterious land. We won’t spoil why she needs your help but you piece things together as you progress through the game. As usual with any Nolan North voiced game (insert wink and smiley face) you immediately have a strange romantic tension with the female character which starts as annoyance builds into friendship and inevitably ends with love.  Elika is a fun character that never got on my nerves and serves as a catalyst to the story. I found myself interested in chatting with her to get some background on her and the mysterious land we were trying to save.

Gameplay: POP has some great controls both on PS3 and Xbox. The prince will be scaling walls, hanging from ceilings, and fighting several baddies. The controls are intuitive and you know that it’s your fault when you missed a jump or didn’t parry properly. POP adds a new “don’t die” mechanic with the help of Elika that I found to be quite fun and never took me out of the game; the mechanic allows Elika to save you if you fall from a high point or if you get slain in battle. Some people found this to be obtrusive and thought it made the game too easy (your mileage may vary) Camera is good for the most part though with any game that you are climbing and jumping it may take an extra millisecond to catch up from time to time.

Prince and Elika

Prince and Elika

Test of Time: POP is fun, of the “newer” Action-Adventure games I think Ubisoft did a great job bringing the prince to next-gen consoles and I hope a sequel is in the works. If I did have one gripe with the game it was the ending of the story but again (No spoilers here.) I think if you are out shopping and you want to buy something for yourself or maybe a gift for a friend or family member pull out that FIVE DOLLAR bill and purchase the game; you really cannot go wrong with this game.

I think were going to get rid of the BROS SYSTEM for now

Cy: Pick it up its 5 bucks


One Response to “Prince of Persia”

  1. KH January 10, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    Agree with almost everything Cy wrote. $5.00 is a steal – it’s almost worth picking up the DLC for a little more closure to the lackluster ending…. *almost*.

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