…But the Party is over

10 Dec

Welcome to Ltap (Late to another party), this is a blog for Gamers who might not have gotten a chance to play certain games a couple months ago. Some Criteria for this blog to help you understand who we are

  1. We’re a couple of dudes with no background in journalism (except for our token editor) expect typos and run-ons
  2. We range from the hardcore to the casual so for some games one of our staff members may never have played it or heard of it and will likely give an opinion
  3. There is no bias here as we all play on different platforms with a mutual love for Halo
  4. We are always open to feedback; this is supposed to be a blog where people can get together comment and make suggestions.

Lets talk Site magic and what to look forward to on the site:

  • The games we cover have to have been out for at least 3 months
  • The game has to cost less than 59.99 USD (Some exceptions)
  • The games we review do not use the number system (10,20 point scale) to review our games

We will be covering games on most systems (DS, 3DS, WiiU, Xbox, Ps3, Vita, PC, Mobile)

For now we will be posting reviews on Thursdays with fun articles or blurbs throughout the week! A podcast is planned but more on that later!

As most of these games are OLDER we think our reviews will help show that a game is worth the value and can stand the test of time. While we all get lost in the hype a game that got an A or 90 in the first few days of launch may not always live up to those standards a couple months down the line. We hope our reviews help bolster a game that might be on sale or help you as a gamer steer clear if you have only a couple bucks to spend that paycheck!

Just like our site is full of Bros our reviews will be based on the BROS system

  • Buy-Great value worth your money (Hours of gameplay or a fantastic story)
  • Rent- A good game that might be short or lacking that little bit of magic
  • Skip-Probably something better out there for your time and money

Our reviews will be based on the BROS system as outlined above and will be reviewed by at least two of the editors.

We appreciate any fan art and any help to get the name out is always welcome!

**Please keep it Classy in the comments and look forward to our First post on 12/13/12 where we talk about an old RPG that was released on March 11, 1995.


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